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Aurora Restoration Experts is a great company. They did everything that they needed to do to make sure my basement was dry. They also went the extra mile to ensure that my insurance company didn’t give me any issues. Thank you so much Aurora Restoration Experts!

- Kim M.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Aurora, CO - Cleanup Company

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Are you experiencing water damage in Aurora Colorado? Or maybe you have recently spotted what appears to be mold in an area of your home or business. Nothing can be more stressful then experiencing residential or commercial property damage.

Even a small leak from pipe can cause major damage over time to your property. Water can cover major ground over time and cause rot which can lead to toxic mold spores that impact your health and quality of life.

At Aurora Restoration Experts, our certified and experienced technicians have the know-how and the best tools on the market to make quick work of whatever damages your home or commercial property has encountered and offer a no obligation inspection that can usually take place the same day as your call.

So call today at 720-619-1384 to get started!

Professional Aurora Water Damage Restoration Services

It doesn’t matter where your property is in the Aurora Colorado Area – our expert contractors can be there in a flash and provide you with expert flood damage restoration services! Our technicians are professional, courteous and highly trained. Our company’s promise to our Aurora neighbors is to provide exceptional and thorough water removal and water damage repair at a fair price!

Due to the freezing temperatures we frequently have in Colorado, winter is a very common time to experience a burst pipe and water damage. These weather-related water damage problems tend to sneak up and surprise people. This is why we recommend that you wrap your crawl space and unheated basement pipes with insulation to help protect your property from the freezing temperatures.

However, most of the water damage jobs that our professionals preform are caused by issues completely unrelated to weather. Many times, the problem is caused by a leaky pipe, burst water heater, or an overflowing toilet or bathtub. These are not problems that go unnoticed easily, but when something like this happens you need to get help fast! You can learn more about us here.

How Fast Should I Act When I First Notice A Problem?

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Acting fast will help you limit the amount of damage to your structure and will help to reduce your total repair bill. Our company is local and our technicians live and work locally, so we are able to provide an immediate response to all emergency service calls in and around the Aurora area.

It is important that you contact us immediately if you are experiencing any kind of flood damage at your home or business. This is so that we can begin properly cleaning up your property before more extensive structural damage occurs or mold starts to grow. If mold remediation or cleanup is required, it will only add to your repair bill. Act fast to lower your overall water damage repair cost!

In case this is your first time dealing with this type of an event, here is what you can expect from working with our company…

Our professional and courteous technicians being by preforming a thorough damage inspection and assessment. Just read our testimonials and find out. Once completed, they will explain their findings in such a way that will provide you with a clear understanding of the extent of the damage and the exact steps necessary to repair the water damage.

What Are The Steps In The Water Damage Repair Aurora CO Process?

Every job is different, but most of the time you will be looking at a few basic steps to restore your property back to normal, such as…

  • Water Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorizing
  • Restoration and Repair

You want to work with local professionals, who are experienced and are committed to helping your home or business back its pre loss condition as quickly as possible and with as little hassle as possible. Contact us today!

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Restoration Services In Aurora CO?

Although we can’t guarantee how other restoration companies will treat you, we are happy to explain how Aurora Restoration Experts approach the financial arrangements… 

We are clear and upfront with all potential fees.

We make sure to fully inform you of what is required for your unique situation (as well as all associated cost), and we do our very best to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction before any contract work begins. 

We always try to bill your insurance company first. This may not always be possible, but we always do everything we can to help you maximize your policy and understand the details.

We will never price gouge, nickel and dime you, or surprise you with hidden fees. 

We want you to feel like you are in control of the entire process – from initial inspection to full restoration – so, we promise to always be available for you for phone consultations and we will act as your advocate during the whole process. We also provide Mold Removal services in Aurora and fire damage restoration services in Aurora.

Why Should You Choose Aurora Restoration Experts?

At Aurora Restoration Experts all of our technicians have multiple years of experience and are fully IIRC certified. We are a professional and courteous company that is committed to doing the best job possible and to working as your advocate throughout the entire process. We work with all insurance companies and at your service 24/7.

Some of the benefits of working with our company are:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • IIRC Certified
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • We Always Put Our Customers 1st

You want to work with local professionals, who are experienced and are committed to helping your home or business back its pre loss condition as quickly as possible and with as little hassle as possible!

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Emergency Response

Within 60 minutes of your call Aurora Restoration Experts can be onsite and extracting the water from your property. We’ll get you back to pre-loss condition fast!

Water Damage Cleanup

Whether it’s from flood waters to leaky pipes, overflows to malfunctioning appliances, our water restoration technicians are certified and expertly trained in the newest restoration and remediation methods and technology.

Friendly Professional Technicians

Aurora Restoration Experts is certified by the IICRC, and has standardized how it helps customers with all of their emergency and direct insurance billing.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup