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Fire damage can be devastating to a home, business or office. Smoke and soot will linger for days after a fire and cause everlasting damage to carpets, drapes, furniture and electrical equipment. You should immediately start the fire damage restoration of your home or business as soon after the fire is extinguished to avoid further damage to your property. Many businesses suffer smoke and fire damage due to smoke coming in from cleaning equipment and ventilation systems that are improperly maintained. Proper smoke damage restoration services are available and can make the difference between a minor problem that is easily remedied and a huge disaster.

Once smoke and soot has been eliminated, the cleanup is much easier. The smoke and water droplets must be neutralized and the area must be dried out. Fire damage restoration can take several days and you should have someone on site to assist with this process while you call an insurance agent. The insurance agent should be on site to assist you with all of your needs including getting the necessary insurance paperwork to file your claim with your insurance company. A damage restoration company can help you get your house back together faster.

Fire Damage Cleanup & Smoke Damage Repair

There may be some smoke and soot residue left on your carpet or hardwood floors. In order to minimize mold growth, fire damage restoration company professionals will use special equipment and cleaning products to remove the material. They will also likely be able to use special cleaners to sanitize the wood floors. For the best results after smoke and water damage repairs are completed, the company will work to restore the pre-loss condition to your property. By restoring the pre-loss condition, you will save yourself time and money by getting the job done faster.

When a house fire is reported, the first step taken by many homeowners is to alert their insurance company. This is usually a good idea but it can create complications later if smoke damage and water damage are not properly addressed at the onset of the problem. Insurance companies will generally require you to seek their assistance to assess the extent of the damage, to determine whether or not insurance payments are covered, and to arrange for temporary living arrangements while your house is being repaired. After all, insurance is not a free service – payments have to be made in the event of a loss.

After the initial assessment has been made, most insurance providers will provide some assistance for fire damage repairs, including providing materials to install new drywall in rooms that sustained serious damage, temporary or permanent smoke damage control, and other specialty services. To expedite these processes, call an experienced damage restoration service immediately. The company should be able to arrange for all drywall installation, including edging, hole sawing, stapling, striping, and flash flooding recovery. In addition, the company should be able to provide quality drywall replacement if necessary. In addition, drywall installation can be scheduled for after the repair is completed, if at all possible.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

If smoke odor removal is necessary, then the company should be able to arrange that as well. If smoke odor removal cannot be guaranteed, then fire damage restoration services should at the very least send a truck in to take out all the remaining fire extinguishers. A qualified technician should make sure that all extinguished fire extinguishers are brought back online, if necessary. The technician should also check any gas lines to ensure they are open and running, and clean up all remains of the fire from carpet and furniture debris as much as possible.

After the smoke and odor has been removed, the next step is to focus on structural damage, mold remediation and water damage restoration. Mold should be removed using a mold killing solution, and all moist tissues should be carefully removed and thoroughly dried. Debris should also be cleaned and sanitized, then properly disposed of.

Water damage cleanup consists of drying and removing the moisture, while protecting the structure from further deterioration. The affected building materials should be replaced, if necessary, and any compromised structural materials should be repaired using high quality industrial waterproofing materials. Any areas of concern should be inspected by a competent specialist, before work begins. Fire damage restoration services should be ready to assist in any way they can, from cleanup to restorations and repairs.

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