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The very first thing that a fire damage restoration in Brighton, CO company has to do after confirming that the property is inhabitable is do an inspection of the entire property and its surroundings to assess how extensive any possible clean up will be. In many cases, it will be necessary to completely gut the building if fire damage has been severe enough to render the structure uninhabitable. Smoke damage can also have a devastating effect on the interior, as smoke tends to linger in trace amounts on surfaces for days on end. This is why it is so important for smoke damage cleanup to occur as quickly as possible. There is no telling when fire damage restoration will require a visit from a fire damage restoration company, so it is critical that they are prepared in advance. We also offer services for water damage cleanup.

Fire Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Cleanup Services

After the initial inspection of the area, the company will have to determine what kind of clean up it will involve. Typically, smoke damage will have to be extracted from carpets, walls, upholstered furniture, upholstery, electrical appliances, etc. Most smoke damage needs to be totally removed from the building’s interior surfaces, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes fire damage cleanup can take place on non-intrusive, cleanable materials such as mattresses and pillows, and sometimes smoke damage can be masked on affected surfaces with acrylic paint.

When cleaning smoke affected surfaces, special fire damage restoration products are used to remove smoke residue before restoration work can begin. These products are environmentally safe and non-toxic, meaning they are completely safe for people to breathe. Special soot removing solutions are also available, which help to absorb smoke and help to prolong the process of fire restoration. The soot removal process is usually done in stages, beginning with basic steam cleaning of surfaces followed by high-pressure air dry cleaning. Debris is then removed from the surfaces using various methods, including pressure washers and high-pressure hot water extraction systems. We also offer services for mold removal.

Cleaning of smoke damaged carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows and other household items requires different methods than fire damage restoration to electrical appliances and electronic equipment. First of all, cleaning of smoke stained or burned areas should not include using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Such chemicals are known to cause harm to the carpets and furniture more generally, and in the long term can damage or even destroy household items. In addition, the smoke stain left on a carpet or rug is more difficult to remove than that on an appliance, because heat is not required to cause the stain.

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For electrical appliances, fire damage restoration services technicians use special chemicals that not only help to remove smoke and soot, but also help restore functioning electrical parts. Once these parts are restored, they are checked for leaks and replaced if needed. If the appliances need to be rewired, this is often done by the technician after the area has been purified of smoke and residue by a specialist’s cleaning process. This is also a good time to make sure that all wires are running properly and that there are no broken connections, as this can all be traced back to the proper installation by the professionals.

For electronic equipment, fire damage restoration services technicians check for damaged chips or permanent debilitation, which may have resulted from overheating from the fires. To do this, they take apart the affected electronic item and look at its circuitry, taking particular care to check the power supply, battery and fuse holders. If any damaged components need to be replaced, it is important to make sure the power is off before starting the replacement process. It is also important to confirm that any wires are fully operational before removing them from the receptacle, as static electricity can lead to serious problems. Once everything is fully installed back into its place, the new piece can be put back together using the correct soldering.

Brighton Colorado fire damage restoration also involves the removal of smoke stains and mold if present. Mold and mildew may form due to humidity and water damage in walls and floors, so these must also be taken care of by the professionals. A professional restoration service will have special equipment and chemicals that can deal with these issues, so the cleanup process should be completed without much hassle. Smoke damage is a bit trickier. Some fire damage repairs might require the presence of a wet-vac machine, which is essential for the removal of smoke residue. However, drywall and other non-porous materials might not need this soapy solution to clean up the mess.

Homeowners should not rush into fire damage restoration, but instead should leave it to the professionals. The entire process can be very expensive and can create many new problems that could have been prevented by a simple clean-up. It is far better to take it slow and let a trained and qualified Brighton fire damage restoration company restore the home to its original condition. That way, you can enjoy your home again and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

About Brighton, CO

The City of Brighton Colorado is a non-profit membership municipality located within the borders of Adams and Weld Counties, Colorado, United States. Brighton is the county seat of Adams Countyand a central part of the Denver-Aurora Brighton Colorado Metropolitan statistical area. This historic city is considered as a gateway to the Pacific Ocean because of its shallow coastal bays that connect it to the mainland. It is also the fastest growing urban area in the state of Colorado. Brighton is surrounded by other historical towns and cities like Breckenridge, Fort Collins, Golden, Colorado Springs and many more. Its cultural, entertainment and educational resources contribute to its popularity.

Brighton’s population has grown from over twenty-five thousand in 1980 to over thirty-two thousand in 2021. This rapid growth caught the attention of the city’s government and planning departments and they formulated a strategy to attract more residents by creating an attractive living and working environment in Brighton, Colorado. Through Vision Brighton initiatives, the city council and local stakeholders established several master plans and programs to promote walking and biking through parks and trails, improve floodplain management, and develop green spaces. Through these efforts, the city was able to increase its bicycling and walking modes, recreational land use and parks space. The Brighton Compact, a local initiative, was then launched to push for a multi-modal transformation of the city.

Today, Brighton Colorado has developed into one of the most attractive, livable communities. Several outdoor recreational parks are located near the beach in the Brighton/CO metropolitan area. Visitors get to witness the beauty of nature while strolling around the famous beach. People also get to experience the warmth of the Mediterranean climate by strolling along the shores of Lake Brighton. The beautiful beaches and natural panoramas provide for a great opportunity to spend time on the beach and relax. The Brighton area hosts a large number of events and festivals during the summer, including the Brighton Masters Beach Picnic, the South Shore Music Festival, the South Coast Jazz Festival, the Venice Biennale, the Poudre River Bike Race, the Poudre Outdoor Arts Festival, and the South Fork Indian Celebration to name a few.

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