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Mold remediation in Grand Junction, CO, otherwise known as mold removal, is the procedure of clean up and removal from an enclosed indoor environment, including a residential building or a commercial business. It needs to be removed and properly disposed of, because it has hazardous potential. It grows in humid, moist areas and spread easily when conditions are conducive for growth. They thrive in areas where the air is damp and dark and can form a very hazardous health risk. Typically, if mold symptoms do not present themselves until after the cleanup has been completed, the spores is most likely still there and causing problems.

If cleanup cannot be completed successfully on your own, a mold remediation company should be contacted. Companies that specialize in mold cleanup provide a range of services to help ensure that your cleanup is done correctly the first time. These include testing the air quality in the work area, removing mold contaminated materials, sealing affected areas, and cleaning the site. If cleanup cannot be completed within the timeframe specified by the contractor, additional services may be requested. We also offer services for water damage restoration in Grand Junction, CO.

Professional Mold Remediation Company

Before mold remediation can begin on your building, a professional will test the air quality in your work area. Testing will reveal if you have any visible growth in any of the various ducts and pipes used to ventilate your space. The remediation expert will also check your building for insulation, drywall, wallpaper, and other materials that may contain the spores. He will typically grade the wall and grade the ceiling, attic, and basement to identify what areas need the most attention to prevent future spore growth.

After mold remediation has been completed, a licensed iICRC certified contractor in Grand Junction will apply one or more of the following techniques. One technique involves using protective clothing to shield you from the sun and prevent exposure. You will also need to wear a mask containing an approved filter to keep the air you are breathing free of mold spores. In the case of visible growth, the expert may also recommend the use of appropriate absorbent materials that can capture the water or moisture that is in the space. This step is usually referred to as siding or wall to wall coverage. We also offer services for fire damage restoration in Grand Junction, CO.

Mold Removal & Cleanup Service

If the air quality in your space is acceptable, the next step of the remediation process will involve the removal of any damaged materials. It is likely that you will be asked to remove carpets, upholstered furniture, drapes, wallpaper, and other visible  damage. Please call us at 720-619-1384 for more information about the schedule for mold removal services. If carpeting or furniture is heavily damaged, please call us at 720-619-1384 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified removal specialists. They will determine the best course of action for remediation services.

The remediation company you choose should offer a detailed list of services they offer. A thorough assessment of the area must be made in order to ensure that mold removal services will not further damage the area. This assessment should include a visual inspection of the entire space by someone who is not wearing protective clothing and masks. If you are working with water damage, it is likely that you will be required to wear waterproof gloves. The Grand Junction, CO services should include drying, remediation cleaning and repair, and damage restoration.

Mold Inspection & Testing Company

You may also need assistance during the removal process. If you have hired a company to provide mold inspection services, they should supply you with a checklist of items to be cleaned and sanitized. If you plan to hire a company that does not come with a checklist of pre-requisites, you should ensure that they include instructions for doing the cleaning and sanitizing. Some companies will provide bottled water for their customers while others provide alternatives, so you should ask any potential mold testing company representatives about the kind of alternatives offered. It is likely that some companies that do not provide alternative water sources may not have detailed instructions on how to prevent the transfer of spores to fresh surfaces.

If you are working with a remediation company, they should explain how the spores should be removed and if they will remove from areas not currently visible. Professional Grand Junction mold remediation companies should have mold removal kits that include all of the necessary safety equipment and chemicals for effective removal. These kits should include goggles, gloves, masks and protective clothing. Without the right safety supplies, you can potentially increase the severity of the situation and even cause serious health problems. We also offer services for water damage cleanup & fire damage cleanup.

About Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction Colorado is located along the Colorado NE bordered by Pikes Peak, Southwestern Colorado River and Fort Collins. This is an ideal vacation destination for all the family in Colorado. With endless vacation opportunities and exciting things to do in Colorado, Grand Junction has everything for every traveler.

A big part of Grand Junction’s charm is its beautiful western Colorado scenery, which has made it a popular area for tourists and visitors. It is very “new age” and very modern in appearance. There are many unique sites in the downtown area. There are large parks, museums, historic buildings and outdoor recreational areas that attract people from all over the world who come to spend time in the Grand Junction area of southwestern Colorado. Learn more about Grand Junction, CO here.

The Grand Junction area of southwestern Colorado is about 40 square miles. It is bordered on one side by Pikes Peak and on the other by the Continental Divide. On its east side it is surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and on its west side it is surrounded by huge hills, canyons and mountains. When you visit this large area, you will find that there are many attractions that make your vacations memorable.

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