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Fire damage restoration services in Lakewood, CO entail the inspection, cleaning, and restoration of residential buildings which have suffered fire, smoke, or other forms of extreme weather conditions. Some may wonder how a company could clean up a building after a catastrophe such as a fire. The answer is simple: prevention. A professional team of restoration specialists will start by  evaluating the building, then conduct cleaning and restoration processes to ensure all damages and risks are immediately addressed.

Fire Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Repair

After evaluating the property, a professional fire damage restoration company will make sure that there is no danger to anyone in the building. They may offer to perform cleaning as well as other tasks that can help get rid of the smell and other indications that remnants of the fire are still present. Some of these tasks include the following:

Deodorization: The main objective of cleaning and restoration is to prevent any airborne pollutants from entering spaces. Therefore, deodorizing is an important task. Drying and smelly fabrics should be removed, and the areas that were moistened during the fire should be dried before restoration work begins. Good air quality is important not only for the occupants but for anyone who may be affected by the smoke and gases that were released during the fire.

Scrubbing: This is the process of cleaning and removing residues left by the smoke and gases that were released during the fire. Smoke residue is heavier than water, so it will sink to the bottom of the carpet. It will attract more dirt and food particles, which can exacerbate the damage caused by the soot. Soot residue is lighter than water, so it can easily float to the top of carpets. The restoration expert will use specialized equipment to scrub the affected areas, such as carpets, floors, walls, soot-filled spaces, baseboards, doors, ceilings, electrical outlets, appliances, ducts and smoke detectors. This is how a professional company will cleanup fire damage.

Lakewood CO Smoke Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Proper smoke damage restoration requires extensive training, expertise, and proper certification to properly remove and remediate these potential health hazards. Nearly any part of a building and its contained contents are at risk for damage, whether they were directly affected by an electrical fire or not. Smoke and ash is also harmful to various materials if not remedied quickly, as it can accelerate corrosion to expensive metal parts. As the effects of smoke damage can be easily avoided, there are many companies that specialize in smoke damage restoration and cleanup. Many of these cleanup companies have extensive training in hazardous environments and fire safety, which is why you may feel comfortable letting them take care of your smoke damage at your home or office.

Smoke damage can affect almost any surface within a building. For this reason, it is important to consider all surfaces within your home or office that could catch on fire as part of the smoke damage restoration process. Smoke and fire damage restoration can begin by either removing the burned or damaged surfaces from your house or business, or by cleaning these surfaces using professional cleaners. Smoke and fire damage can affect your walls, flooring, ceilings, fittings, insulation, and electrical wiring in your house or office, so it is important to take all these factors into consideration before beginning the clean up process. Even if you do not need to worry about these specific surfaces right away, it is still a good idea to remove all the tar and grime that can accumulate on these surfaces as a result of smoke damage.

Once you have cleaned and removed all the tar and grime from your house or office, the next step of smoke damage restoration is to thoroughly inspect every inch of your premises. Look for anything that may be left behind from the original fire such as paper, insulation, carpeting, insulation, or drywall, as well as any furniture that is made of metal. Anything that has been scorched can also be repaired using professional fire restoration services. You should also check any electrical wiring to make sure that everything is still operational, as well as checking the condition of any building materials (such as tiles, or cement that may have been scorched). If you find anything damaged, or left behind after your restoration job, call in professionals right away to salvage the pieces that are valuable to you or to return them to their original condition.

Other Cleaning Services

Fire restoration also includes the removal of burned structural components, like walls and floors. Walls may have suffered extensive damage from the fire and need to be repaired. Some walls may need to be torn down completely if the entire building is unsafe. Walls can also be removed to make rooms fit better.

Water damage restoration is another popular service that we offer. Some times, in cause of a bad fire which needed to have water hoses sprayed on it, it is important to get the services of water damage cleanup and disaster restoration company involved.

Cleaning: The Fire damage restoration process does not end with removal and repair. It doesn’t stop there either. It will include proper cleaning of surfaces, windows, doors, ceilings, ductwork, electrical outlets and appliances, as well as any photos and memorabilia stored in the home. It will also involve sanitizing any areas used for storage or to cook meals. It will be necessary to take care of the clean up, which could take a few days, depending on the extent of the damage.

More About Lakewood, CO

Lakewood Colorado is a small resort town in Colorado’s Southern Front Range. It is bordered on one side by the Colorado National Monument, on the other by Vail Mountain, and on the south by Grand Junction. This city is located between Denver and the Golden City area. The residents of this community are mostly white-collar workers and professionals who commute into the downtown areas of the two cities.

There is a wide selection of hotels in Lakewood Colorado from motels to full service hotels. Lakewood has been successful in growing its tourist economy and maintaining a strong local support. Lakewood Colorado’s fine dining and specialty shops are also found throughout the town and are well known for the quality and variety of food and goods they offer. Lakewood fire damage restoration services is something that we are proud to offer the entire community.

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