Your home is supposed to be a safe and healthy environment for you and your family, not a place for mold to grow and spread. Once mold grows in your home, it can cause severe health problems for your whole family and create permanent damage to the structure of your home. No one wants to evacuate their home and pay for remediation services when all they had to do was inspect their home. This is why you should have Aurora Restoration Experts inspect your home occasionally, especially after water damage, in several areas for mold growth.


One of the main places mold fosters is in an attic, a space where many people store valuable items such as furniture. It is important to inspect your attic if you suspect mold in your home because you don’t want mold to spread to any of your items. Many times mold in attics is caused by improper ventilation throughout your home, making moisture rise to your attic. Most attics are confined spaces, so the moisture is warming up creating mold in the corners of the room.

Window Sills

Many people do not think about checking their window sill for mold or even cleaning them, but they are a prime spot for mold to form. Windows are constantly exposed to moisture and obtain an airflow whenever the windows are open. So if there is any dirt or dust on your window sills, mold can grow whenever exposed to warm moisture. So it is important to occasionally clean your windows sills of dirt and dust especially when you see a lot of moisture.


mold in home

A constant place for moisture and humidity, your bathroom is the one place you need to be cautious for when it comes to mold.  Bathrooms are not typically well ventilated, and 

steam accumulates during a shower or bath.  It is important to wipe down your shower walls after use, so mold does not grow and spread.


Water Damage Recovery With Aurora Restoration Experts

If you’ve been hit by water damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help professionally restore any damaged areas. If you just have questions about disaster prevention, let us know too. Being properly prepared is essential for your safety and well-being.

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